The Nemerov Method
Advanced Neuromuscular Re-education


I am grateful for all the clients I have been able to help.

“Having had two previous laminectomies for ruptured discs, I have not been immune to back pain. Recently, I tried various conservative measures for a prolonged bout of back spasm, which was only relieved after a few visits to Howard Nemerov, CMT. Not only have the pain and spasm been relieved, but I now have more motion and flexibility in my spine than I ever had. With this experience, I would highly recommend the treatments.” 

Gerald Needleman, M.D., Professor at UCSF Medical School (Retired)

“I’d like to thank you for radically changing the way I move. Your method has completely altered the way my body cooperates with my movement requests. As a former professional tennis player, I assumed my body was rather well-tuned. As I quickly learned, there were areas that should have motion but had very little. Over the years, my body had developed compensatory ways of functioning without full access to all moving parts. You have returned movement to those areas, and I feel stronger in all my motions. My body now feels like a well-oiled machine capable of any motion I ask.

“I recommend your work to my students and coaches, and believe that every training room will some day benefit from having this method incorporated into their program, to the satisfaction of both the trainers and the athletes they treat.”

Steve Tourdo, Director, Unlimited Tennis Training Center

“I have experienced Howard Nemerov’s work both personally and in referring clients to him. Both have been very rewarding and helpful. His unique approach to balancing the neuro-musculoskeletal system is highly efficient. I strongly recommend Howard’s skillful and insightful perspective.” 

Peter J. Fabian, PT, CFP

“Through working with Howard, I realized that a car accident two years ago, birthing two children, and years of hurdling had severely affected the way my body reacted to physical workouts. After my car accident, I had received treatment in the form of massage, acupuncture, and the Feldenkrais method, so I was not sure how this technique would work for me. After four sessions over five weeks, the pain dissipated. My back continued to be free of pain to this day even though I continue to train at high levels of intensity.”

Kate C., Triathlete

 “Howard's work is an integral component of manual therapy. It allows the client to quickly re-establish neural pathways to relax compensating muscles and regain coordinated control of both spinal and extremity motion. My work with Howard has considerably eased my own long-standing neck and arm pain.”

Brian Beaudoin, PT OCS, Owner of In Motion Physical Therapy, Corte Madera, CA

"The first time I saw Howard for treatment, I had numerous aches and pains, mainly  in my back and knee. Two days after the first treatment, these issues had  resolved. A few months later, I had a painful spasm in my thigh. Resolved again. Next, a knot in my neck and shoulder. Gone. Most recently, ankle pain. You guessed it. Howard calls these infrequent sessions 'tune ups.' I call  them blessings."

Jenifer Webb, Occupational Therapist (retired)

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